Reasons for Visitors Dumping Your Website


Attracting visitors is one of primary goals of business websites. Many hours and dollars are spent in this count for marketing and advertisements. However, if your website is not capable of retaining the visitors, then all these efforts go down the drain.

When the visitors stay for longer periods exploring the site, the chances of getting business from them increases. If your website is showing the trend of visitors abandoning it within a short duration, the reason may be that there is some unpleasant feature present in your website.

Some of the reasons for visitors leaving websites are listed here.

Difficulty in accessing: The best websites, if not accessible easily are dumped by visitors. The reason for this may be browser incompatibility. Testing for browser compliance at the design and development phase can iron out this problem.

Poor Navigation: Navigation of the website should be designed to suit the audience expectations. If not, they will get frustrated and leave the site. While designing website navigation, importance should be given to intuition and logical thinking. For large websites, providing sitemap help immensely.

Too much advertisement: Though ads bring in revenue, going overboard with them results in irritating visitors. Exercise restraint in this count.

Deliver the promises: A visitor expects a website on a specific topic to deliver enough information on it. If the site falls short of this, visitors leave dissatisfied. To avoid this, you should have a clear idea about the audience requirements and expectations.

Slow loading web pages: Slow loading of websites is one the most frequently occurring reason to abandon a site. This can happen for dial-up and broadband users. Keeping file size to a minimum, avoiding unnecessary files, especially image files and using Google Analytics to determine the percentage of your visitors with slow Net connections are helpful in solving this problem.

Let the visitor have the remote control: With the growing popularity of audio and video features, do not program them to start automatically. Leave the visitor to decide whether he/she wants it or not.

Tips on Choosing a Web Host


With the web flooded with enticing offers from web hosting companies, choosing the right one is a daunting task. The first step is not to jump at the cheapest offer. You should first consider your requirements and then start looking the right web hosting company and the best offer. Listed here are a few tips to guide you.

  • Ensure that the web host has control panel feature. This makes your work easier. You will be able to access email, check statistics and edit the site 24×7 from any computer.
  • Insist on a money-back guarantee. If something goes wrong and the requirement not met, this will be helpful.
  • Look for round-the-clock technical assistance, which is crucial for the success of your business. Technical assistance should be available both online and offline (phone) for smoother functioning.
  • Setting up a Post Office Protocol or POP account is essential for a professional-looking website. It is also helpful in sorting emails. POP account enables setting up of separate email IDs for diverse purposes like trade enquiries, service enquiries, job opportunities etc.
  • If you are planning online sales, ensure that the web host has provisions for shopping cart.
  • Mailing list software is essential for a successful online business. See to it that the web host has double opt-in mailing list option, which will rule out fraudsters and has more conversion rates.
  • With so much competition in the field, the rates are very low. Select the cheaper company satisfying all your conditions.

By following all these guidelines, it will be child’s play to choose the right web hosting company. Still if you have any doubts left regarding the services offered by any of the short-listed companies, contact them and clarify the doubts before making the final decision.